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Have a Sports Jersey?

Does someone in your life enjoy sports?

Surprise him by framing his favorite sports jersey…. a unique piece of memorabilia that captures his memories. A sports jersey is a piece of personal history, something that he will cherish for decades! Whether it’s a valuable piece of memorabilia from a professional athlete or the jersey he wore in the championship game, jerseys should be preserved and displayed.

Custom framed jerseys can be unique wall decor for his office or they can establish a theme for his “man cave”. Imagine the conversations he will have with family and friends reliving the stories. Jerseys that have sentimental value or represent great achievements deserve to be custom framed and displayed proudly in a way that will preserve it well into the future.

To make his jersey last a lifetime, have it framed by a professional. A jersey tucked away in a drawer or closet goes unseen and unappreciated. It fades slowly from memory as autographs can fade from the material. A jersey doesn’t need to be framed alone – adding photos, tickets and other items can bring a personal touch to his gift.

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